APL Pressure is a calculator program developed by Australian Pressure Laboratory, to achieve the highest accuracy from your Dead Weight Tester without the need to perform manual calculations.  Think of APL Pressure as a digital version of your certificate that also calculates the generated pressures and uncertainties for you! 

APL Pressure will automatically determine the optimal masses to load on your Dead Weight Tester given your target pressure and will present you with a complete calculation of the generated pressure and uncertainty, incorporating all the measured parameters from your Dead Weight Tester certificate.  Compensation for your local gravity, environmental conditions and instrument head height are easily managed by the software, including their contribution to uncertainty. With APL Pressure you can test instruments in any engineering units with a single mass set. 

Features of APL Pressure Include:

  • Accurate calculation of generated pressures from your Dead Weight Tester without repetitive manual calculations
  • Automatic selection of masses to load based on your target pressure
  • Compensation for your local environmental conditions such as gravity, temperature and head height
  • Easy construction of test sheets using the TestBuilder functions, allowing calculation of multiple pressure points and easy export to spreadsheets
  • The APLPressure program, suitable for Windows, comes loaded with data from the NATA certificate
  • Calculation of uncertainty in generated pressures from your Dead Weight Tester or complete uncertainty including test instrument repeatability and resolution following the MSA Test Methods

A demonstration version is freely available here.