Australian Pressure Laboratory has developed a Vacuum Comparison System (VCS) for calibration of vacuum gauges (low absolute pressure), becoming one of the only NATA accredited commercial laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region with such a capability.  Our VCS can achieve base pressures below 2 x 10-4 Pa, allowing for NATA accredited calibration of vacuum gauges down to 0.2 Pa absolute (0.002 mbar, 1.5 mTorr).  Our VCS has been specially designed by APL to ensure it meets the requirements of ISO 3567 (calibration of vacuum gauges by direct comparison), utilising a stainless steel vacuum chamber, turbo-molecular vacuum pump, and range of high accuracy capacitive diaphragm gauges calibrated by NMI Australia.

Contact us for NATA endorsed calibration of your Pirani gauges, Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges (CDGs) and other high and medium vacuum gauges.