Australian Pressure Laboratory can assist you with proficiency testing and help you demonstrate your capability in pressure. Our proficiency testing is performed following the requirements of ISO/IEC 17043 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing.

Proficiency testing by Australian Pressure Laboratory is not part of our NATA endorsed service, however we are NATA accredited for pressure calibration and our proficiency testing reports are a useful for laboratories to demonstrate of proficiency to accreditation bodies including NATA.

We offer proficiency testing via the following methods:

Measurement Audits

A one-to-one comparison between your laboratory and Australian Pressure Laboratory in a pressure range and accuracy that is of interest to you. This is the most common method where an artefact and test points is agreed upon between Australian Pressure Laboratory and the participating laboratory. It is then tested by Australian Pressure Laboratory before and after testing by the participating laboratory. On completion a report including all results and En ratios is provided. 

This can be performed with short notice and is useful for laboratories to demonstrate their capabilty prior to, or in response to, an accreditation assessment. The typical completion time for measurement audits is 2 - 3 weeks including an allowance of 1 week for testing by the participating laboratory. We have a range of artefacts across our pressure capability that can be used for measurement audits.

Proficiency Testing Scheme (PTS)

A "round-robin" comparison involving one reference laboratory (commonly Australian Pressure Laboratory) and multiple participating laboratories. Similar to a measurement audit where a single artefact and test points are prescribed, however the artefact is circulated to several participating laboratories. The results of all participating laboratories are available in the final report, however the identities of participatants are not shared between participants or to third parties, which ensures anonimity and confidentiality. This is a very useful method of proficiency testing because participants can assess their capability in a pool of other participating laboratories. This method is more resource intensive and we aim to offer a PTS approximately once every 18 months. If you would be interested in participating in our next PTS or have a preferred pressure range, please contact us via email.

Audit Artefacts

APL maintains a selection of instruments specifically for use in Measurement Audits and Proficiency Testing. We are continually adding new instruments to meet the range and accuracy requirements of participants, or we are happy to conduct a comparison using an artefact provided by participants.

Our current selection of audit artefacts includes:

  • DHI RPM3 Reference Pressure Monitor, 0/7000 kPa and 0/70,000 kPa (gauge or absolute)
  • Yokogawa MT210 Digital Calibrator 0/3500 kPa
  • Beamex MC5 Calibrator with -100/200 kPa and -100/2000 kPa gauge ranges and barometric reference 
  • Additel ADT681 Pressure Indicators ranged 0/16 kPa, -70/70 kPa, 0/700 kPa, 0/35,000 kPa, 0/70,000 kPa and 0/280 MPa 
  • Crystal XP2i Pressure Indicators ranged -100/200 kPa, -100/2000 kPa, 0/7000 kPa and 0/70,000 kPa
  • Crystal nVision Pressure Calibrator ranged -100/300 kPa
  • Crystal IS3x Pressure Calibrators with ranges to 100, 250, 10000 and 21000 kPa
  • Fluke 700P Calibrator Module ranged -2.5/2.5 kPa, -7/7 kPa, -35/35 kPa
  • Wika CPG1500 Pressure Calibrator ranged -100/60 kPa and 0/10,000 kPa
  • Druck DPI104 Pressure Calibrator ranged 0/100,000 kPa 
  • Vaisala PTB330 Digital Barometer ranged 50/1100 hPa absolute