Australian Pressure Laboratory has among the lowest uncertainties in pressure of all commercial laboratories in Australia, from very low draft pressures up to high hydraulic pressures. This enables us to calibrate and confirm manufacturer's accuracy specifications for most makes and models of digital instruments, including pressure indicators, calibrators, controllers, transmitters and digital barometers.

Features of our calibrator service include:

  • NATA accreditation covering high vacuum to 280,000 kPa, gauge and absolute pressure including conversions to altitude and airspeed when appropriate.
  • Testing of low gauge pressure instruments down to 0.1 Pa with a least uncertainty of 0.15 Pa using our inhouse developed dual piston standard.
  • Testing of instruments with electrical outputs.
  • Experience with testing and adjustment of many different models. We may be able to adjust some instruments that other laboratories may not.
  • Familiar with leading brands including Beamex, Druck, Fluke, Crystal, Additel, Wika, Ametek, Yokogawa, Si-Instruments, Heise, Halstrup, Vaisala, Digitron, Kimo and many more.
  • A detailed clear to read NATA certificate providing more than the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Readings prior to calibration adjustments are given.
  • Uncertainty values calculated at each test pressure.
  • A statement of conformance to the manufacturer’s accuracy specification.
  • Willingness to accommodate any of your testing requirements.
  • Electrical ranges tested in-house or externally by Scientific Devices Australia or Power Parameters when requested.
  • Fast turnaround when you need it.
  • Readiness to solve problems that users may experience.

Pressure Calibrator/Controller Modules:

Increasingly manufacturers are switching to modular calibrator designs where pressure sensors and all electronics relating to performance and calibration are housed within an external or removable module.  In these cases the pressure sensor/module can be removed from the display and calibrated in isolation, or used in multiple display devices without impacting its performance.  To improve ease of re-calibration and freight costs for customers we have invested in display and calibration kits for various modular systems so that customers can simply remove the pressure modules and send them alone to APL.  The modules that we can currently calibrate without requiring your display include:

Metrology Society of Australasia - Pressure Test Method 1 is followed wherever applicable.