Yes, we are pressure specialists, but that doesn't stop us from also providing very high quality calibration in electrical quantities. 

Our NATA accreditation covers calibration of AC and DC voltage and current up to 1000 V and 20 A (1000 A for clamp meters) as well as resistance up to 1 GΩ and frequency up to 2 MHz, including calibration of temperature scales (PRT and thermocouple) by electrical simulation.

We can offer accredited uncertainties as low as 0.001% (10 ppm) in DC voltage, 0.002% (20 ppm) in DC current and 0.0015% (15 ppm) in resistance, enabling us to calibrate even the highest quality process meters/calibrators within their manufacturer's specifications. We have especially honed our electrical capability in areas of particular interest to the process control and instrumentation industries, to ensure we can enable you to realise the full accuracy of your process meters.  We are very proud of our electrical capability and encourage you to review our full uncertainties.