Australian Pressure Laboratory has extensive experience in calibrating Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) and Pitot Static Test Kits. 

We utilise piston gauges, including Ruska 2465 Absolute Deadweight Tester, and a high accuracy Mensor CPA8001 Air Data Test Set Calibrator to provide reliable, low uncertainty and low lead time calibration of your test sets.

Our NATA accreditation includes specific capabilities relating to calibration of these specialised instruments, including conversion between pressure and aviation units for altitude and airspeed using relevant ISO and NASA standards.

We are familiar with units by DMA Aero, GE Druck, Barfield and many others. 

Please contact us for pricing or more information about calibration of your Air Data Test Set.


APL's partners in the sky - Ruska 2465 Absolute Dead Weight Tester and Mensor High Accuracy ADTS Calibrator CPA8001