We frequently run one-on-one measurement audits for laboratories wanting to check their capability and demonstrate proficiency to accreditation bodies (NATA/IANZ). 

In previous years we have also co-ordinated larger round-robin proficiency testing schemes (PTS), involving multiple labs across Australia and New Zealand.  We have received some requests to run some more of these round-robin tests, which enable labs to compare their performance with APL and also a mix of other laboratories.  NMI Australia and APL will both be providing low uncertainty reference data for these PTSs.

PT #2 (absolute pressure) is now underway with few remaining spaces.  If you would like to participate, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. 

Although results for all participants are included in the final report, the identity of each participant is hidden from each other, and kept confidential at all times.

We are currently planning two larger proficiency tests as follows:

1. Gauge pressure up to 70,000 kPa using a DH-Instruments RPM3 Reference Pressure Monitor

Target start: Sept/Oct 2020.
Sold out - please still contact us if you are interested in this range and we may be able to re-run it during 2021, or provide an individual measurement audit.

2. Absolute pressure from 10 to 110 kPa absolute using an extended-range Vaisala PTB330 Digital Barometer

Starting March 2021.

The number of participants in each proficiency test will be limited to ensure the process can be completed within a short period.  We aim to complete each scheme within 3 months of the start date.

If you would like express interest in participating, or have any questions, please fill in the form here.

More information on our proficiency testing is available here.

Thank you - APL.