The team at APL have had a great time attending, sponsoring and contributing to the 2020 Metrology Society of Australasia Conference.  The MSA conference continues to be a unique opportunity for metrologists from Australia and New Zealand to come together, share learnings and discuss common challenges, and we always come away feeling energised and excited about the future of measurement in our laboratory and the wider community.

There were some interesting talks in the pressure area, including a new approach by NMIA with their static expansion system, presented by Richard Crendal, which enables a known pressure from a pneumatic piston to be repeatedly expanded to produce decreasing pressures without needing precise knowledge of the expansion volumes.  Robert Clayton from Mensor USA presented on various methods for zeroing absolute pressure sensors and their implications, which is not a trivial excercise.  These were of particular interest to APL while we are developing a new high vacuum capability which will envolve zeroing absolute pressure sensors at high vacuum, and will rely on NMIA for traceability.


Liam and Randall presenting at the presssure workshop


The extended APL team at the MSA2020 Conference Dinner (MCG)


APL is currently developing a new capabilty in low uncertainty high vacuum calibration - stay tuned!