APL has changed hands between two long-time APL staff members, but much like the redefinition of the SI, the changes will occur behind-the-scenes and not impact the quality of service we offer. The same experts will be looking after your instruments.

Many measurement-intrested folk will be aware that May 2019 marked the introducton of the redefined International System of Units, following many years of development and a final vote of the BIPM.  The change is fundamental to how the base units are realised, but will be mostly insignificant for the quantities used in day-to-day measurements.  In a similar way, July 2019 marked a significant event in APL's history, with the lab being purchased by long-time employee, Liam Shanahan, from original owner and pressure expert, Randall Anderson.

Unlike the International Prototype Kilogram (Le Grand K), Randall will remain as a central member of the team, along with his brother and fellow expert, Rowan Anderson.  At the same time, we are continuing to grow the pool of skilled technicians and engineers at APL with Nick, Jordy and Jordan (photo back row, left to right) to ensure we can meet industry demand for high quality, low leadtime pressure calibration. 

Read more in our recent feature in the MSA newsletter.

We have changed our ABN, ACN and bank details.  If you need our new details, please feel free to contact us.