Although pressure calibration may appear in the accreditation for a number of NATA labs, APL's capability is certainly not common; in fact we have a range of unique and specialised capabilities that aren't found in other commercial NATA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. 

APL has completed another expansion of our NATA Scope of Accreditation, which concludes a significant expansion in our electrical laboratory that has kept us busy in development for the past 18 months.  

We are now able to perform full accredited calibration of pressure and multifunction process calibrators in-house at APL, including calibration of pressure, electrical and temperature scales by electrical simulation.

Following a successful NATA technical assessment, APL is pleased to report some new and significant additions to our accreditation.

During the challenging COVID year that was 2020, the team at APL were very busy developing and proving-out a range of new capabilities in pressure and electrical calibration.  Having succesfully completed NATA's review process, we can now officially offer these as accredited services to our customers. 

The team at APL have had a great time attending, sponsoring and contributing to the 2020 Metrology Society of Australasia Conference.  The MSA conference continues to be a unique opportunity for metrologists from Australia and New Zealand to come together, share learnings and discuss common challenges, and we always come away feeling energised and excited about the future of measurement in our laboratory and the wider community.

We frequently run one-on-one measurement audits for laboratories wanting to check their capability and demonstrate proficiency to accreditation bodies (NATA/IANZ). 

In previous years we have also co-ordinated larger round-robin proficiency testing schemes (PTS), involving multiple labs across Australia and New Zealand.  We have received some requests to run some more of these round-robin tests, which enable labs to compare their performance with APL and also a mix of other laboratories.  NMI Australia and APL will both be providing low uncertainty reference data for these PTSs.

PT #2 (absolute pressure) is now underway with few remaining spaces.  If you would like to participate, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. 

APL has changed hands between two long-time APL staff members, but much like the redefinition of the SI, the changes will occur behind-the-scenes and not impact the quality of service we offer. The same experts will be looking after your instruments.