Australian Pressure Laboratory has held NATA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 continuously since 1994.  Our accreditation in pressure offers among the lowest uncertainties of all commercial laboratories in Australia, including unique accredited capability in very low gauge pressure, high vacuum and Dead Weight Tester calibration. In addition to our excellent pressure capability, we also have a very strong capability in electrical calibration, enabling us to provide full accredited calibration for pressure and electrical functions on multifunction process calibrators.

Our current scope of accreditation can be found on the NATA website here:

Highlights include:

  • Uncertainties as low as 0.003% (30 ppm) up to 7000 kPa and 0.005% (50 ppm) up to 140,000 kPa, gauge and absolute pressure
  • Very low draft/gauge pressures, such as required for clean room and medical applications, with least uncertainty of ±0.15 Pa from 0 to 4000 Pa
  • Vacuum calibration (low absolute pressure) from 0.2 Pa (2 x 10-3 mbar, 1.5 micron) absolute with uncertainties as low as 0.3% or 0.012 Pa
  • High hydraulic pressures up to 280,000 kPa (40,000 psi)
  • Pneumatic testing up to 20,000 kPa allowing calibration of high pressure pneumatic pressure controllers
  • Absolute pressure with least uncertainties of ±0.4 Pa or 0.003% (30 ppm), enabling calibration of precision barometers, altimeters and Air Data Test Sets
  • Specific scope for calibration of Altimeters and Airspeed Indicators for Air Data Test Sets, including conversion between pressure and avionics units
  • Dead Weight Tester calibration over our full measurement range, pneumatic and hyrdaulic, gauge and absolute pressure
  • High accuracy calibration of electrical meters and calibrators including AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and frequency with uncertainties as low as 0.001% (10 ppm) for DC voltage, 0.002% (20 ppm) for DC current, 0.0015% (15 ppm) for resistance and 2.5 µHz/Hz (2.5 ppm) for frequency
  • Calibration of RTD and Thermocouple scales on process calibrators by electrical simulation

Key to our pressure capability is the use of Dead Weight Testers throughout our laboratory, which are the most stable and reliable references for calibration of high accuracy pressure instruments. This enables us to determine the performance of your instruments with the lowest uncertainties.

Through the ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), APL certificates are also recognised internationally and our certificates include the ILAC combined mark.  More information on ILAC and the MRA can be found here: