Australian Pressure Laboratory (APL) was established in 1994 by Randall Anderson and Peta McGregor.  Recognising the importance of accreditation, Randall obtained NATA accreditation at the outset and began operating from a very small laboratory space offering high quality calibration of pressure gauges and Dead Weight Testers as well as software solutions to enhance the use of Dead Weight Testers.  

Randall and Peta at APL's beginning (1994)

Randall leveraged his technical capability as a qualified Mechanical Engineer and years of experience in pressure calibration at Budenberg Gauge Co. and quickly established a reputation for quality and expertise. Within only a few years demand exceeded capacity and in 1997 Rowan Anderson, also a qualified Mechanical Engineer and Randall's brother, joined APL to help boost the laboratory's capacity.  Within a short time Rowan also established himself as an expert in pressure calibration and was instrumental in helping the laboratory grow in capacity and capability.  

Randall and Rowan's expertise has not only helped APL's capability, but they have also been heavily involved in collaboration and training outside of APL. They were central in establishing Australia's first published and endorsed test methods for calibration of digital pressure instruments, MSA Test Method 1, through their participation in Pressure Interest Group of the Metrology Metrology Society of Australasia. They have been assisting the National Measurement Institute to run regular training programs in pressure calibration since 2003.   Randall, Rowan and Liam are Technical Assessors for NATA.

In 2009, APL again needed to increase capacity and Liam Shanahan joined the team.  Liam is also a qualified Mechnical Engineer and Computer Scientist. Under the tutor-ledge of Randall and Rowan, Liam was quickly trained in calibration of pressure instruments and Dead Weight Testers.  Liam's training in Computer Science has also enriched the laboratory's existing capability in software development and streamlining of laboratory processes.

With more people and instruments in the laboratory, APL moved to a bigger space in Eltham in 2011. The team has continued to grow in numbers and experience since then - see here.

In 2019, APL was purchased by Liam Shanahan, and his wife Olivia.  Olivia takes on Peta's role in accounts and administration, but the remainder of the team, including Randall and Rowan remain unchanged. 

With many changes along the way, the focus remains unchanged from Randall and Peta's original vision, and we continually strive to offer high quality, personalised and efficient calibration of all pressure instruments.



Rowan, Randall and Liam at the 2015 Metrology Society of Australasia Conference in Queenstown, NZ